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NextGen News

NextGen Pharma is proud to welcome our newest client:

Luoxis Diagnostics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; both are located in Metro Denver, Colorado. Luoxis Diagnostics is an in-vitro diagnostics company focused on the development and global commercialization of the ORP Diagnostic System.  This novel diagnostic platform is comprised of a first-in-class point of care device and disposable testing strips that together measure the presence of oxidative stress and antioxidant reserves in patients.

Complete Range of Outsourcing Options

NextGen Pharma Technologies, Inc. provides sales representation for innovative and niche CROs to Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology R&D decision makers. NextGen offers a complete range of outsourcing options - from discovery support through IND/NDA support and beyond. NextGen represents companies with new innovative technologies that improve lead optimization and drug candidate selection using: Predictive ADME; in vivo efficacy; safety pharmacology, xenografts; behavioral pharmacology; unique animal and surgical models; BBB; mouse with a human liver; Indications Discovery Screening, drug development support such a GLP, Toxicology, ADME - rodents to NHP’s; formulation development; clinical supply manufacturing; GLP bioanalytical support; GLP protein and peptide analysis. These technologies can reduce development time and cost. In these uncertain economic times, NG clients offer a lower cost/higher value alternative to large multi-disciplined CROs.

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